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O.E.S. NECKLACE No. L-7342-N- O.E.S. Necklace
Price $ 14.00    


PAST PATRON PIN No. 4914-GP - O.E.S. Past Patron pin goldplate - Clutchback
Price $ 5.00    


OES PAST MATRONS PIN No. 1316-PM-GP-OES Past Matrons pin GP -Pin back
Price $ 6.00    


O.E.S. CLUTCH BACK PIN No. 683-GP-O.E.S. member pin gold plate -Clutchback
Price $ 5.00    


OES MEMBER PIN No. L-266-GP - OES Member Laurel Wreath pin GP - Pin back
Price $ 6.00    


O.E.S. YEAR PIN No. 1316-GP - OES Year pin GP - Available in 5-year multiples from 5-70 years - Pin back
Price $ 6.00    


BUTTERFLY PIN EASTERN STAR No. L-188-OES- Butterfly Pin Specify Emblem
Price $ 7.00    


O.E.S. GOLD FINISH PIN No. L-404- OES Gold finish pin
Price $ 8.00    


O.E.S. PIN GP No. L-760-P- O.E.S. member pin - Pinback
Price $ 15.00    


O.E.S. PIN GP No. L-510-P- O.E.S. member pin - Pinback
Price $ 20.00    


LADIES TRAVELING PIN GOLD No. L-2690-G- Ladies "G" Traveling pin Gold finish
Price $ 20.00    


LADIES TRAVELING PIN SILVER No. L-2690-S- Ladies "G" Traveling pin Silver finish
Price $ 20.00    


O.E.S. PIERCED EARRINGS No. L-203-PE- O.E.S. Pierced Earrings
Price $ 29.50    


O.E.S. PIERCED EARRINGS No. L-528-PE- O.E.S. Pierced Earrings
Price $ 16.00    


O.E.S. NECKLACE No. L-528-N- O.E.S. Necklace
Price $ 20.00    


MRS MASON PIN WITHOUT "G" No. L-656-S- Mrs. Mason pin without "G" in silver finish
Price $ 20.00    


Price $ 15.00    


PAST MATRON PIN No. L-155-P- Past Matron pin
Price $ 15.50    


O.E.S. PIN GP No. L-97- O.E.S. member pin goldplate - Pinback
Price $ 6.00    


OES BOUTONNIERE CLIP No. L-695-OES- O.E.S. Boutonniere clip
Price $ 8.00    


O.E.S. LIFE MEMBER PIN No. 1316-LM - OES Life Member Pin GP - Pin back
Price $ 6.00    


O.E.S. SUNRAY PIN No. L-1094-5- O.E.S. Sunray pin goldplate - clutch back
Price $ 6.00    


OES FRATERNAL REST PIN No. OES-87-OES Fraternal Rest pin
Price $ 8.95    


PAST PATRON 10K No. 2130-10KT-Past Patron 10K lapel pin -Two Tone -Clutch back
Price $ 46.00    


PAST PATRON PIN WITH SPINEL No. 2198-10TT-Past Patron Two Tone Pin With Spinel
Price $ 59.00    


Showing results 1 to 25 of 25

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